Team Building Ideas Designed to Encourage Teamwork and Communication

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One of the most important aspects for companies is building relationships within teams so that they engage and retain key points for improving productivity and communication. Thus we would like to share with you essential tips as well as some ideas of Team Building activities for different purposes.

If you want something customized for your company, please contact us or see the activities we have available here.

Knowing Your Teams

It’s important for any company to have teams with good relationships, facilitating the interaction and communication between them. There are dynamics that encourage teams to get to know each other better and are also a great starting point towards the creation of a long-lasting relationship.

Icebreakers are that starting point: a simple activity to engage your team, that are designed to last no more than 30 minutes.


Teamwork and problem solving are two extremely important characteristics for any company. It is therefore important for companies to strengthen these capacities to ensure cohesive and sustainable work. As a result, strengthening the work skills of teams also implies improving the organization’s results.

There are several activities that can go hand in hand with teamwork, from simple orienteering tests, iPad-based treasure hunts/scavenger hunts and more challenging tailormade activities such as Pyramid Power. Simply it’s all about your company objective, as well as the time and budget you want to invest.

Creating Opportunities For Dialogue

Communication between teams must be encouraged, because without it, it’s impossible to reach a consensus or create principles for solving any problem that may arise within an organization or company.

The proximity and relationship generated between employers brings serious benefits to the company, as it strengthens the trust and the work among team members. Team building activities associated with this premise include listening, leadership and reflection exercises.

Company Identity

The identity of the company is fundamental in understanding what makes the company tick. It is extremely important that employees are aware of the identity of their company, as this is the only way they can convey the company’s values, as well as create a sense of belonging.

There are several activities that can be associated with this premise, namely the creation of the « Human Logo », « Quizzes » about the company/organization, among many others.


Although creativity it is something that is not associated with all work departments within an organization, it allows you to create « out-of-the-box » solutions for any issue that may arise. Working on creativity within a company should be done informally, appealing to the team’s creative spirit through, for example, brainstorming.

There are various activities and games that nurture the company’s creativity ranging from painting to dancing, to role playing, among others.

Having « Serious » Fun

Fun plays an equally important role within a company. It promotes a more relaxed environment, creativity and facilitates relationships between the collaborators. Thus, we can say it is vital that times of fun and relaxation exist within a company, as the relationship between employees will be more profound, igniting better overall results.

To encourage what we call “serious fun”, it’s essential to have interaction, creativity, commitment and animation… You can incorporate all this with team dinners, or music games, obstacle course games, physical activities, among many others.

Rapping Up

After any team building event it is necessary to review what were the learning opportunities in order to add value to the activity. Reflection here plays an important role in the sense that it allows one to understand how the activities actually helped teams to achieve the proposed objectives.

In order for this to happen, it is necessary that teams reunite in the end of the activity to discuss the acquired knowledge and how they can apply it in their business context. This reflection should always be interactive yet concise.

Download our infographic to get some team building activity ideas that we have available at Team Dynamics.

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