Flip Flop or “adapt or die” ?

Talk about not taking your eye off the ball. All businesses must be even more attentive, in these challenging times, as to what happening in their chosen market, on a daily basis. Strategy and long-term planning have gone out of the window for so many businesses such as those in the hospitality industry who just seek to survive.

In the world of politics, a politician is considered weak or untrustworthy if they change their minds a couple of times on a key issue. Often known as a Flip Flop, “it is a derogatory term for a sudden real or apparent change of policy or opinion by a public official, sometimes while trying to claim that both positions are consistent with each other”. (Thanks Wikipedia)

I have got to say that I sometimes wonder if I am now officially a Flip Flop! Especially, when I look at how I have managed my business in the last few months!  (see below the flipping and flopping)

February: our world looked stable, our pipeline of live team training activities was great, team was growing, & we were developing new outdoor activities focusing on renewable energy. Marvellous!

March: business went to hell in a hand kart, every event cancelled for foreseeable future. Time to, briefly, bury my head in the sand! Oh Dear!

April: being a real Boy scout, I got my head out of the sand and we pivoted (Flipped?) to create a completely new segment in the marketplace. Virtual team games for the new remote workers! Stressful but fulfilling!

May: we got great response from our client base, which in turn required lots of learning to present the new events in an engaging way, in the virtual World. Proud!

June: Clients are now asking us how we can help engage their teams as they gradually head back to their offices & a “new working” environment. Our next pivot! (Flop)

This led to complete redesign of activities, new branding “Let’s re-connect: Safely” with the commitment to meet the requirements of social distancing and the Clean&Safe policy. Challenging!

The question is: are companies Flipping and Flopping in the political sense, ie losing credibility or are they showing flexibility to help clients adapt to the ever-changing environment they find themselves in?

Or is a case of if you don’t adapt you die?

Happy flip flop !

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