Team Dynamics

Add value to your teams

Team Dynamics is a specialist in the fields of team building and team development creating team based training, fun events and creative learning activities. We started our activity in 1992 and, presently, we are leaders in Portugal.

  • About us

    We possess the knowledge to underpin your team actions from “serious fun” to “serious outcomes”. Our experience in Team Building in Portugal has helped build teams since 1992 and all projects are done with the highest professionalism, using quality materials for each event, making each learning program effective.

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  • Team Dynamics History

    In 1992, we launched the first stand-alone team building company in Portugal with a range of new ideas and equipment to target company days and the emergent team building event market. Today, we are amongst the best Portuguese team building companies, keeping the same innovation drive from more than 25 years ago.

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  • The Dynamic Team

    Your staff and your team are your organisation’s most valuable asset. That couldn’t be truer in Team Dynamics so it makes sense that you should know a little bit more about us:

    The team that will take your team to new heights!
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