Team Training

team training activities

Creating a better work environment

Our compelling activities can be run both indoor and outdoor & primarily focus on team engagement, collaboration, communication whilst having lots of fun.

The benefit is that they are structured to encourage experiential learning and measurable outcomes including implementable “next steps”.

Our range of entertaining options, experience shows, ensures that your meeting/event objectives will be met, if not surpassed. We do this with a flexibility in tailoring our “games” to your needs. Simple. Be it a team of 5 or 500, we have a team enhancing solution for you.

the activities

Available Experiences

Collaborative Games

Using original & entertaining team challenges as a metaphor for the workplace. Thus helping to develop the skills required to lead in times of consistent change!

Hotspot Sintra


Combining tech and Julio Verne’s “Around the world in 80 days”. The challenge is “How many countries, in your corporate portfolio, can you visit in 3 hours?”


Kart Konstruct

An engaging, competitive game which focuses of achieving objetives to motivate each and every team stimulating activity focused on motivating each team



Do you have a leadership profile to resolve this crisis and ensure the rescue of the hostage?


An original tool for your self-knowledge and better understanding of your colleagues.

Project charity bike

Project Charity

Enjoy the challenge of working as a team in a competitive enviroment but with the added benefit that your final objetive is to help a local charity or cause.


Pyramid Power

Energize each team to build your own 3D structure and then combine them all in a unique pyramid of your company.



Manage your project by investing, planning, reacting & then building together.

Do you want a custom event for your team?

we are always creating new innovative experiences.

Daily Kick Off

What better way to kick off your day or week than this motivating experience?

This self-guided activity provides an upbeat, creative challenge that will encourage your team to shoot engaging photos and videos whist in their own home.  The tasks are designed to boost morale, increasing motivation & all while working remotely.

The photos and videos will be saved in a presentation so that your team can share, creating a lasting memory and with lots of fun!

After-Work Quiz

Designed to replicate an after-work social activity, we encourage teams to “loosen up and have a good laugh” together.

In the comfort of their own homes, this is a virtual quiz, allows teams to connect and have fun with lots of lighthearted competition.

With videoconference software, our App and with one of our remote facilitators present, colleagues will be challenged to see who can rack up the highest score; whilst having lots of fun & helping to recreate a real sense of unity.