Team Training

We help teams work together more effectively through experiential games and the opportunity for reflection. 

team training

Creating a better working environment

Our compelling activities can be run both indoor and outdoor & primarily focus on team engagement, collaboration, communication whilst having lots of fun.

The benefit is that they are structured to encourage experiential learning and measurable outcomes including implementable “next steps”.

Our range of entertaining options, experience shows, ensures that your meeting/event objectives will be met, if not surpassed. We do this with a flexibility in tailoring our “games” to your needs. Simple. Be it a team of 5 or 500, we have a team enhancing solution for you.


Available Experiences


Collaborative Games

Using original & entertaining team challenges as a metaphor for the workplace. Thus helping to develop the skills required to lead in times of consistent change!

Hotspot Around Your World

Combining tech and Julio Verne’s “Around the world in 80 days”. The challenge is “How many countries, in your corporate portfolio, can you visit in 3 hours?”


Do you have a leadership profile to resolve this crisis and ensure the rescue of the hostage?

Kart Konstruct

An engaging, competitive business negation game which focuses of achieving micro and macro objectives, whilst building a Kart ready for a race. This stimulating activity focused on motivating the teams by combining team challenges and negotiation skills in a light-hearted format.



An original tool for your self-knowledge and better understanding of your colleagues.
Project charity bike

Project Charity

Enjoy the challenge of working as a team in a competitive enviroment but with the added benefit that your final objetive is to help a local charity or cause.

Pyramid Power

Dê energia a cada equipa para construir a sua própria estrutura 3D e, em seguida, combiná-las todas numa pirâmide única!


Manage your project by investing, planning, reacting & then building together.
domino team dynamics team training

Domino Effect

Will your team be able to design a domino design and assemble so that they can create a chain reaction?
team training activities in action

Motivated and Trained teams

Custom Events

Do you want a custom event for your team?

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