Team Talents

Team talents activities

Creativity and freedom

When fun is at the top of your agenda, why not encouraging your team’s creativity with our diverse range of team challenges. There really is something for everyone no matter the team size or perceived talents.

Indoor, outdoor or perhaps an evening event combined with a themed dinner. Let’s make use of your team’s talents to promote your values or just to entertain their colleagues at the final wrap up.

We combine their ingenuity and inventiveness with our concepts and flexibility, ensuring this special team bonding moment creates a real sense of belonging and achievement.

the activities

available Experiences

Art Attack

Bring color and vitality to your values and vision to create a giant canvas worthy of any of the best art galleries!

Cocktail challenge

Gather together the ingredients, let your creative juices flow and present your team’s dream cocktail.

Flower Power

Put on your fancy dress costume and have fun at this hippie festival!

Human Logo

Bring your logo to life by incorporating those who represent it each and every day.


The activity where your creativity and imagination makes you the star & leads you up the red carpet to receive your award.

Team Quizz

Team Quizz

Combine your knowledge and skills to be the first team to make it to the top of the Quiz mountain!

Vintage T-shirt

No need to give your team a t-shirt when they can make their own, in a classic 60’s style.



From the 60’s to the 00’s, helping you recall those fond memories & experiences of times gone by!

Do you want a custom event for your team?

we are always creating new innovative experiences.

Daily Kick Off

What better way to kick off your day or week than this motivating experience?

This self-guided activity provides an upbeat, creative challenge that will encourage your team to shoot engaging photos and videos whist in their own home.  The tasks are designed to boost morale, increasing motivation & all while working remotely.

The photos and videos will be saved in a presentation so that your team can share, creating a lasting memory and with lots of fun!

After-Work Quiz

Designed to replicate an after-work social activity, we encourage teams to “loosen up and have a good laugh” together.

In the comfort of their own homes, this is a virtual quiz, allows teams to connect and have fun with lots of lighthearted competition.

With videoconference software, our App and with one of our remote facilitators present, colleagues will be challenged to see who can rack up the highest score; whilst having lots of fun & helping to recreate a real sense of unity.