Team Incentives

team incentives activities

Fun, teamwork and culture

Created with “incoming” clients in mind, we have developed a series of professionally managed activities that offer something extra: combining networking with fun, teamwork with travel, culture with creativity. In addition to which, an authentic Portuguese feel to your team meeting, anywhere in our beautiful country.

Our aim is to support you on your visit to Portugal by guaranteeing not only wonderful experiences but also excellent service. We will tailor our experiences with your objectives, to ensure your delegates/clients will remember the Portuguese meeting as one of the best.

The activities

Available Experiences
Bike Challenge Cascais

Cascais Bike Challenge

Jump on your bike, feel energised as you enjoy the magnificent sea views

Hotspot Sintra


Combining your choice of one of our beautiful cities with our innovative technology to engage & entertain your team.

Escape Corporate Edition

Your team has been locked in. You need to escape. Can you do so and beat the clock?

Jeep Safari

Sintra Jeep Safari

Go off road, take in the fantastic views, culture & team challenges

Mini Olympics

Laughter inducing, exciting team challenge in the style of “it’s a knock out”

Hotspot Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes

Using cryptic messages, secret codes & covert missions. Your challenge is to unmask the evil master criminal.

spy academy

Your mission: To graduate spy school. 
Your task is simples: Solve the murder of a loyal spy.

Do you want a custom event for your team?

we are always creating new innovative experiences.

Daily Kick Off

What better way to kick off your day or week than this motivating experience?

This self-guided activity provides an upbeat, creative challenge that will encourage your team to shoot engaging photos and videos whist in their own home.  The tasks are designed to boost morale, increasing motivation & all while working remotely.

The photos and videos will be saved in a presentation so that your team can share, creating a lasting memory and with lots of fun!

After-Work Quiz

Designed to replicate an after-work social activity, we encourage teams to “loosen up and have a good laugh” together.

In the comfort of their own homes, this is a virtual quiz, allows teams to connect and have fun with lots of lighthearted competition.

With videoconference software, our App and with one of our remote facilitators present, colleagues will be challenged to see who can rack up the highest score; whilst having lots of fun & helping to recreate a real sense of unity.