Dynamics that bring together a group of colleagues and help them work effectively whilst thinking as a team.

ice breakers

Simple and Fun

Lasting from 10 to 45 mins for teams of all sizes. Designed to be simple, fun and to encourage each participant to loosen up and be prepared for the main activity. Led by our experienced facilitator who, quickly, brings your team together in physical space, by presenting your chosen icebreaker in a collaborative & energetic atmosphere. 

These icebreakers can be useful in creating an original kick off your conference meeting, as “getting to know each other” exercises or bringing teams together after breakout meetings.

Equally, these quick and lively activities will bring your team together, ensuring they are engaged and prepared for your main team event.

ice breakers activities

Guaranteed fun

Balloon Tag

Ballon tag

Quick and lots of fun to enable your whole team to start networking!

Human bingo

Match the phrases to your fellow delegates and complete your card to shout…BINGO!

Human Orchestra

You create your own team rhythm by using your body as the instruments!
Ovos em movimento

Eggs in Motion

An cracking energiser focusing on the benefits of clear communication to improve processes
Quem é quem

Who is Who

A dynamics engaging “Warm up” that helps to create ties between colleagues!

Tennis ball madness

How long will it take your team to find the Win-Win solution?
icebreakers activities in action

Breaking the Ice before Major Events