Remote Team Building

Gather your team and together participate in our interactive experience and all this without having to leave the comfort and security of your home.

Remote Team Building Activities

Our Remote Team Building Activities

Virtual Olympics

A place on the podium is yours when you exercise your creativity & mental muscle.

Atividade team building online Ready to launch

Ready to Launch

To survive you’ll have to unlock the spacecraft shields, by using your critical thinking and encouraging decision making with your team!

Human Bingo

An online discovery of the individual descriptions of your teammates that will make you scream BINGO!!!

Arctic Survival

Your team is lost on an expedition in the Arctic! Will you be able to contact the rescue team?

Around the World

Engage in a virtual globe-trotting trip, visitting 22 countries across 65,000 kms!

Virtual Nostalgia

We take you back through the decades, from the 60’s to the 00’s, recalling memories & experiences of times gone by!

Pursuit of Trivia

Navigate your team around the digital game board, accumulate coloured wedges, rack up points & be crowned champions of trivia.

Virtual Escape

Teamwork has never been more fun with our Virtual Escape.

Team Quiz

Designed to replicate an “after-work” social activity, we encouraging teams to “loosen up and laugh together”!

Virtual Away Day

Strengthen your teams by encouraging virtual teamwork and collaboration.

Spy Catcher

Your Mission: Unmask the Spy. 
Your Task: Solve the assassination of a loyal undercover operative.

Manor House Mystery​

Are your detective skills sharp enough to examine the evidence, find a motive and catch the killer?


The Technology

Our extremely intuitive APP was developed with the flexibility and customization in mind. 

Since 2016 we have used it with great success, in innovative and diversified formats, with clients such as EDP, Novabase, Novartis, BNP Paribas, Ageas, BPI, Medialcare, PHC, PWC. 

With a range of cutting-edge features at our disposal, including interactive activities, augmented reality and multimedia challenges, we can prepare your content and communicate it to your audience in a creative and engaging way.