Overcome challenges

Have you ever watched wheelchair tennis?

We at Team Dynamics have had an amazingly challenging time of it over the past 18 months. As have most organisations and individuals.

In March 2020 we were due to have our best ever month in terms of sales of our “in-person” events: Well, that all went out of the window! The future looked bleak, very bleak. We pivoted and due to a great team, lots of hard work and some good luck we seem to have come through.

It was a challenge, but it was temporary. Tough but temporary.

However, some challenges are permanent!

Thus, there are some individuals and teams who have seriously inspired me recently.

Yes, the recent Paralympics in Tokyo is an extraordinary example of fighting to overcome adversity. To be the best you can, overcoming all sorts of physical or mental challenges. These athletes are truly extraordinary.

But what really caught my eye was the wheelchair tennis. I couldn’t understand how it was possible. I have played both tennis and squash, badly, over many years and now padel is my current racket sport of choice. I run round, like the idiot I am, and am shattered at the end of the game.

How the heck do these heroes/heroines in wheelchairs play a fluid game?

Impossible! They must control: 1. the ball, 2. their racket and 3. their wheelchair. No way!!

Yes, there is a way. I looked at that bible of information – YouTube – and found this super video of the best rallies in “Wimbledon wheelchair points of the decade ”, you really must take 8.25 mins of your time to watch these extraordinary athletes.

The only difference in the rules for the wheelchair athletes, compared to their able-bodied colleagues, is that the ball can bounce twice as long as the first bounce is within the court. Extraordinary.

Go on have a look!

Did you? They are truly amazing, aren’t they?

Now, tell me you can’t be inspired to overcome the challenges thrown at you as well!!

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