Keeping you engaged
while keeping
Our planet centerstage
for another 30 years

To celebrate our 30 years anniversary
From 25th of May 2022 until the 24th of May 2023

Team Dynamics will continue to contribute to future generations.

Sustaining Our Planet’s Oxygen factory


By a little bit of direct action helping to keep our earth a little bit greener

For every event we run, we will donate 5 indigenous trees in Portugal or a location around the world 

Our objective is a minimum of 2.500 trees in 12 months

The forestation project will occur between October and February, a more favorable time for their growth

The Tree’s planting will take place in the Mata Nacional do Buçaco | Parque Natural de Sintra-Cascais | Parque Natural do Douro Internacional | Parques Naturais dos Açores | Rede Natura 2000 da Serra do Alvão | Rede Natura 2000 de Montemor-O-Novo | Reserva Natural Local do Barreiro | Sítio Classificado das Serras da Freira e Arada | Zona de Proteção Especial do Vale do Côa in a mixed planting model of Portuguese oakcork oakholm oakstone pine, chestnut and other species suitable for each location