Content is king!

Want to motivate and engage your team…? Well, as per Bill Gates, content is king.

This is true in so many spheres of the entertainment industry. Look at the battle for content between Netflix, Amazon and HBO to name a few.

The music industry has adapted to the lack of live gigs, and dramatically-reduced income for artists, with performers of a certain age selling their back catalogues for vast amounts of money to “content holders” – essentially funds who are aware of the longevity & repeat income on songs.

Our team activities, be they online or (hopefully soon) “live”, quite simply do not benefit from repeat rights. Once a client has experienced one of our activities, say Kart Konstruct or Virtual Escape, we cannot re-sell that activity to the same group within an organisation.

What is even more challenging is that if any competitor has a product even marginally similar to one of ours, the clients’ reply is “we’ve done that” even when it is comparing apples with oranges. They want, no demand, originality.

So, what did/do we do?

Pre-pandemic, we would seek suppliers of content and buy licences for our region so as to keep content secure and ensure what we had was original. We adapted these “live” games to our local culture.

Due to the pandemic, we were forced to pivot from being a “live” only team building company to a “virtual” provider of engaging activities. Within 3 months any content that could be transformed from “live” to virtual was. (One of those content suppliers mentioned above was an app: lucky break!) Clients have been delighted and honestly surprised at the speed of our adaption and whist it has been cash flow positive, it is not what our end goals are. (We love “live”)

Post pandemic, we are preparing content for the return of “live” team training. We are doing this in 2 formats.

  1. Creating original, new activities by combining our creativity with experts in their own field, as an example:
  • A supply chain expert is helping us to create a new activity provisionally called “the pastel de nata game” in which the scenario is getting a product to market. Colleagues within organisations understand that visibility, cooperation and empathy when working together is the route to success. (Suitable for all, not just your supply chain boffins).
  • A former RAF pilot and now a captain at the “UK flag carrier” is assisting us to develop a management training game called “Mayday”, focusing on how procedures, learning and active teamwork help in challenging circumstances.
  1. Coming together with respected partners and experts in teambuilding & training (ecco la luna: Belgium and Dynamic Events: Ireland) to create exclusive content, by working on the concept that fresh eyes on our existing activities will ensure a better overall product.
  • An example is WINDFARM, a product that has been highly successful for Dynamic Events, for 20 years, is now freshened up to be attractive and engaging in 3 distinct regional marketplaces.

Content will continue to be King and the differentiator for clients looking for something more!

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