What goes around comes around

“What goes around comes around” I love this metaphor and use it too often; I use it as a positive phrase about all good deeds having a reward in the long term. Equally, it does have its negative connotation. Call it Karma if you prefer. (It’s also a song by Justin Timberlake) However, at the […]

Content is king!

Want to motivate and engage your team…? Well, as per Bill Gates, content is king. This is true in so many spheres of the entertainment industry. Look at the battle for content between Netflix, Amazon and HBO to name a few. The music industry has adapted to the lack of live gigs, and dramatically-reduced income […]

Overcome challenges

Have you ever watched wheelchair tennis? We at Team Dynamics have had an amazingly challenging time of it over the past 18 months. As have most organisations and individuals. In March 2020 we were due to have our best ever month in terms of sales of our “in-person” events: Well, that all went out of […]

So What?

Article Mark about football and team building

Saturday 10th April 2021       Manchester City 1- Leeds United 2 HOW TEAMWORK OVERCOMES MASSIVE DIFFERENCIAL IN RESOURCES! Another football result, so what? Well may I suggest we use this result as a mirror for any business looking to improve their team and potentially their results! First of all let me be transparent, I am […]

“Call off Christmas” by Alan Rickman, AKA the Sheriff of Nottingham

In a rather soppy version of the Robin Hood story, Robin Hood Prince of Thieves, the outstanding moment is when, the brilliant Alan Rickman as the Sheriff of Nottingham declares “Cancel the kitchen scraps for lepers and orphans, no more merciful beheadings and CALL OFF CHRISTMAS” Drastic in the context that he was frustrated that […]

Team Spirit: Bayern – Champions League win

I love sport in all its amazing varieties so I really will read anything that offers an insight. There is nothing new in looking at sport as a metaphor for learning opportunities. That said I found these snippets from a longer article by Raphael Honigstein in the Athletic on the 24th August 2020, as an example of […]

Take a break. So simple but often so hard to do.

Take a break. So simple but often so hard to do. Here are a couple of suggestions. When I was a kid in the UK in the 80´s, there was a fun advert from KitKat. Its message is simple Take a break, have a KitKat. (worth watching as it is also a critique of the […]

Flip Flop or “adapt or die” ?

Talk about not taking your eye off the ball. All businesses must be even more attentive, in these challenging times, as to what happening in their chosen market, on a daily basis. Strategy and long-term planning have gone out of the window for so many businesses such as those in the hospitality industry who just […]

Stories of “winners and others” & how to engage them. A personal perspective!

My chosen role, vision, company goal etc. call it what you will…. is to try to motivate and engage individuals and teams to perform better together. We do that via team training games & now, via Virtual Teambuilding activities! How is this relevant in the current environment where sections of organisations are heading back to […]

Infinite Game: a look to the long term.

I love Podcasts. They are the most amazing, free source of ideas and inspiration. A fantastic learning tool for the inquisitive. Or as Einstein apparently stated “I have no special talents I am only passionately curious”. This curiosity lead to me listen to NPR´s How I built this with Simon Sinek where the host, Guy […]