About us

About us

Your Team Building Company

We have been in the market since 1992 and were the first independent Team Building company in Portugal.

We focus on continually updating our range of activities with new formats and ideas plus making the most of the opportunities that the latest app technology offers.

We believe in the positive benefits that Team Building offers to your teams. Our activities are developed to be lots of fun, energizing and engaging whilst also offering a training opportunity. We can then contribute to the defined goals for your meeting or incentive, ensuring we help to create a positive and productive culture!

Our experience, creativity, flexibility and willingness to understand our clients needs has led to us being considered one of the best, of not the best Team Building companies in Portugal.

OUr values

Why Team Dynamics?

Honesty & Trust

For Team Dynamics, honesty is the only policy. All projects are completed with integrity and effectiveness, with our customers and suppliers.

Achieving Potential

Team Dynamics helps people reach their true potential through their exciting, fun, and practical corporate activities, events and programs.

Good Professionals

The Team Dynamics team is made of experienced professionals in corporate training, team building and team spirit development.

Modern & Innovative

We use the latest tools and technology to ensure that all jobs are done effectively not neglecting attention to detail.

the assets

Team Dynamics Team

Para nós a EQUIPA é o ativo mais valioso dentro de uma empresa e a nossa é um exemplo de como uma equipa motivada e feliz no seu trabalho oferece o melhor ao seu cliente.

Mark Fairley


I am the dreamer, reliant on my fantastic, long suffering team, to implement my “out of the box” ideas with passion and dedication.

My main objective is to make our work relevant, fun and profitable for our clients, for my team and for all those who support us.

Manuela Cardoso


My training in behaviour management, enables me to link my passion for event facilitation and the respective debriefs to our client’s objectives
My dream is for us to continue expanding internationally.

Elizabeth Francisco


As responsible for the organization of Team Building activities, working outside of my comfort zone and in the face of adversity is my normal, but I don’t mind… On the contrary!
My objective is to make reality what is idealized by our clients. And, I confess, it’s something I love!

doris gaspar


After working for many years in advertising, I am in a role where I can enjoy the 5 languages I speak (German, Portuguese, English, Spanish, French) and make use of my experience in dealing with international clients over many years.

Patrícia carvalho


Combining the management of our logistics with the opportunity to make others smile, makes my day happier. Nature is where I belong and where I feel free, but, until then, I strive to have everything very well organized. I am creative, focused and very determined, an bona fide dynamic spirit!



I only have 23kg, but I bring with me, to the office, the triple of that weight in Loyalty, together with my genuine and tireless happiness…. Even when they think they don’t have time to play with me.

Daily Kick Off

What better way to kick off your day or week than this motivating experience?

This self-guided activity provides an upbeat, creative challenge that will encourage your team to shoot engaging photos and videos whist in their own home.  The tasks are designed to boost morale, increasing motivation & all while working remotely.

The photos and videos will be saved in a presentation so that your team can share, creating a lasting memory and with lots of fun!

After-Work Quiz

Designed to replicate an after-work social activity, we encourage teams to “loosen up and have a good laugh” together.

In the comfort of their own homes, this is a virtual quiz, allows teams to connect and have fun with lots of lighthearted competition.

With videoconference software, our App and with one of our remote facilitators present, colleagues will be challenged to see who can rack up the highest score; whilst having lots of fun & helping to recreate a real sense of unity.