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You are a Team Builder

Our especially designed programme to help your team engage in the benefits effective teamwork, whist having fun!


Collaborative games is the fun, motivational and well received activity, that we offer to you as an opportunity to develop team work within your organisation.



Develop an understand of the benefits of working effectively together. Motivate and entertain all those taking part.



9h00 Welcome coffee and introduction to team work

9h30 Ice breaker

9h45 Briefing and start of the activity  “Collaborative Games”

12h45 End of activity

13h00 Lunch

14h30 End of lunch break

14h45 “Fun debrief”

15h15 End of debrief

15h20 Question and Answer session

16h00 End of Team Building

Collaborative Games

Using team challenges as a metaphor for the workplace



• These challenging but fun activities have been specifically selected to enable multi cultural and multi lingual team experience the benefits of collaboration.


• We use the “games” as a metaphor for the workplace and the challenges encountered by  all teams be they big or small.


• These “games” focus on the benefits of:

  – Clear targeted communication;

  – Processes and how to improve them effectively and quickly for the mutual benefit of the whole team;

  – “Live in my shoes” understanding shared experiences;

  – How to arrive to at win/win.


• All wrapped up in an integrated flow, with mini debrief on each activities where we seek the learning opportunities and the mirroring with the work place environment.





• We select 4  challenges suitable for a group of up to 40 pax which brings individuals together to quickly work as a small team and then developing into “OneTeam”;


• Each challenge lasts 30 minutes, indoor or outdoor. For example: TRAM LINES,  with teams of 8 The facilitator explains that they have to transport a football, “their tram” along a parallel - line of tracks from point A to point B for a minimum of 5 meters;


• The only equipment each person receives five, 60cm long tubes of recycled paper plus two “T” connector tubes and 3 security clips;


• The team have to create a tram line that allows the ball to travel the route without coming off the track... then we join the teams together to create a circular set of tram lines.

Fun Debrief

Making the most of the learning opportunities from your activity whilst laughing together.

Why a debrief at the end of each teambuilding.


Everyone wants to enjoy themselves but most of our clients feel we shouldn’t miss the  learning opportunity that these team activities offer & maximize the results for the company and the participants.



How do we do it? The method is simple.


• Our team takes photos of the participants during the activity, we also listen out for notable or funny ways in which they communicate as they work together.


• We then combine this in an amusing motivational presentation.


• Thus at the end of the activity, we gather the group together.


• We then help to refocus on the team performance during the activity.


• The debrief is led by an energetic Team Dynamics facilitator, who gives the participants the opportunity to express their opinions.